Is Private School worth it?

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      We currently have a huge cash outlay on childcare for our children each month, and have been used to that going out of our bank each month. I wonder if we are better continuing that monthly outlay and adding to it for the children to go into private education from primary school, or save the money and enjoy the extra money as a family for holidays etc?

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      Al Ferguson

      For me, no. But it does depend on what school options you have around you. For example, a small village school has a lot of the same strengths as a private school but without the cost. Some larger schools also carry benefits that private schools can’t offer as well – for example, more competitive sports. I’ve not had a great experience of private schools so I might be slightly biased. I’m also a teacher and have seen both sides to this.

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      Tyson Lindsay

      It all depends on the quality of the schools in the area. But Just for the sake it no. Except.
      -If the public school isn’t good.
      -Your child has special needs or has
      learning difficulties.
      -They need a smaller class
      -They need more personal attention from
      the teacher.
      Then yeah I think it would be worth it.

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      Dave Forber

      Having been to a private school, my take on it is “yes and no”. I genuinely don’t think the quality of teaching is really any better. The difference is the quality of student. Please don’t take that to mean “posh kids are better”, or “privately-educated kids are all bright kids” because I don’t. There is still bullying, and there are still all the issues of a state school. However, I found:

      * The kids are more willing to learn. I think that’s mainly due to parents having leverage over them — if the don’t want to learn, why pay for them to go there?
      * The class sizes are smaller. That makes a huge difference.
      * The parents have more leverage over the school. I remember my dad telling the school I could have been bullied for free at the local comprehensive; the school dealt with it.

      Whether it’s worth it? I don’t know. I feel I probably had a better time at a private school than a state one. I have thought twice about whether I should be sending my kids to a state school (they are both going to a state school).

      I think if I had the money I would consider it. But, as I say, I don’t think the teaching is any better. Private schools score better because of other factors.

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