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      How much screen time do you allow your children, and do you insist on their apps being educational?

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      Scott Thatcher

      I only allow Theo his ipad if its not school night otherwise he’ll be on it all night or have a fit when I take it off him.

      Now he knows when he can have it and how long for.
      When he does have it it’s usually YouTube he’s on.

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      Only just come across this.

      We allow our 3 and 4 year olds virtually no screen time. However now our 4yo is starting reception in September we are worrying a little that she will be behind when she starts.
      That said, we wouldn’t have done things differently. They only get about 20 mins of TVs every other day and then only BBC iPlayer.
      We do try and do a family movie every Sunday though. Mainly so I can try and influence their taste in films!

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      Dan Marchant

      We only allow normally and hour to hour and half when they are on them. And it’s not every day.

      My older two would sit on them for the whole day of they could! So I make sure we cut down time and do other stuff with them.

      Even if they are educational apps then I would still restrict the screen time as at the end of the day they are children and they should be playing with toys or outside!

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