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    David Hendy

    What job do you do?

    I’m an in-house web developer for a procurement company in South Wales. It has its ups and downs, but hugely rewarding knowing the products you create help churches and charities save money on necessary spends and can pump that money back into their communities!

    Why do you don what you do?

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    Dan Allison

    Electrical contracts manager.

    Came off the tools a couple of years ago. Now office based. Trained during and straight from school.

    Now manage some of the guys that trained me through my apprenticeship. Enjoy my work and have a great boss!

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    Mad Scientist 😅
    Present interactive science workshops and activities for primary school kids.

    Every day has its own challenges. Super fun though!

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    Do you miss being hands on and on the tools @danallison?

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    Graeme Crawford

    I’m a Shift Leader in a retail store, I do it purely to pay the bills

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    Jordan Goodfellow

    Shift manager in a super market, same as above just do it to pay the bills 🙄

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    Declan Harvey

    I’m a Senior Support Worker. Have half the week at home and half away. Have the long shifts and the fact I dont see the kids everyday. But it pays bills.

    13 hour shifts are the killer though.

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    Assistant Restaurant Manager.

    Been in hospitality since I left school, slowly working my way up the food chain (totally intended that pun)

    Love my job, but makes it hard with the family as its long days, late nights and work pretty much all the major holidays.

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    Reservations Supervisor for a hotel chain in Las Vegas, NV

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    Luke Mayhew

    Secondary school history teacher (booooooooo!)

    Ended up here after being an archaeologist then business consultant and ended up becoming a teacher in 2004.

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    … and the rest is history 😎

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    Dan Marchant

    Branch Manager – In a motor Factor (UK) Car parts.

    Has it’s good days and bad days like any job. Can be challenging, but then cant every job be!

    Sadly I really enjoy my job!

    Are there any other dads in the UK that work in the car parts game?

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    After a career in Lighting and Sound (Theatre and Drama based) I’ve been out of ful time work for a year now!
    I fill my time working with a local house removals firm, a mobile temporary bar company and have recently taken on the franchise for SleepUnder parties covering Coventry and Warwickshire –

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