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    Stuart Auld

    I’m sure this is one of the oldest stories in history, but here it goes.

    I’ve been with my wife for over a decade. We love each other and have a beautiful daughter (2.5 years). For much of the marriage, my wife has had low libido. We’re not talking ebbing and flowing; we’re talking mainly on the floor with brief periods where things look like they’re getting better. We’ve ha counselling before and things got a little better for a while (hence the daughter), but the norm has returned.

    We both pull equal weight with parenting and housework, and both work similar hours. And to be clear, she would agree that this isn’t due to an imbalance in domestic effort – I ask continually.

    She just has very little. I’ve asked if she needs someone different, or if it’s an attraction thing. It isn’t. We love each other and don’t want to break up, but it doesn’t look like any change is coming.

    Has anyone here had any success in beating a similar situation?

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    Do you need to have sex? My wife and I struggled to find the time anyway before and after my daughter. We both have little interest and get through life just fine without.

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