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      Tent Peg

      Hi all
      Following my divorce, with a child maintenance order and nominal spouse maintenance order, i got a good job in a fairly remote country in Africa (non-remo country).
      Happy of course to maintain the reasonable payments for both children and to maintain compliance to the court order etc, though i earn a fair bit more (and tax free) than i did at the time of the divorce. Anything extra that i pay her will likely go to hair styling, fingernail extensions, and gluttony, rather than towards my kids.

      I am also concerned about her interfering with my new company in being nosey about how much i earn, i’m probably not alone in this? Keeping as much of a low profile as possible is very much at the top of my agenda.

      Can anyone recommend steps that can be taken to maintain anonymity, but to not get myself into trouble?
      I understand that if my ex wants to apply to the court to change the order then she must provide evidence (pay statement, bank statement etc), without this will the court entertain baseless and frivolous applications without merit?
      I have heard this from only a few limited sources, i am concerned that it is not as simple as just ensuring that my ex doesn’t manage to get my person information.

      Any help is well received.

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