Maintenance of fixed plate mechanical vacuum pump

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      Maintenance of fixed plate mechanical vacuum pump
      The structure of fixed plate mechanical vacuum pump is all combined, similar to small five pieces. The exhaust valve is of the bullet type. If it is used for a long time, the bullet will also fly off, resulting in the failure of no air extraction; some pumps have manufacturing problems, the vent hole is too oblique, the bullet can not return to its original position after being lifted by the air flow, and the valve port can not be blocked, so the vacuum degree is not high. When repairing, the air outlet can be reamed into the inlay sleeve to correct the air outlet, so as to overcome the above problems.

      After several years of service, the vacuum degree of the fixed plate vacuum pump becomes worse due to wear and tear. At this time, the pieces can be disassembled and grinded against each other. After being cleaned, they can be assembled. At this time, if the tolerance between the rotor and the end face is too small, some end faces can be ground and installed again. The stator is tightened by the spring to keep it close to the rotor forever to prevent the reverse “breakthrough” of gas. Therefore, the spring has a large expansion frequency and is easy to break. If one of the two springs is broken, the pulsating sound of the exhaust valve is paroxysmal, and the fuel tank cap can be disassembled for inspection.

      In winter, the viscosity of the oil sometimes becomes very large, after stopping the pump, the air is not put into the pump cavity in time, causing the oil to fill the pump cavity. When the pump is started suddenly, the oil in the cavity is difficult to be squeezed out at once. The stator is often squeezed out of the stator groove or the rotor is broken (or even the rotor is cracked), so it is impossible to pump air. When repairing, only the fixed piece is out of the way. The end of the fixed piece can be gently knocked with a wooden strip to make it return to its original position, and the belt pulley is turned on manually. After the pump oil in the cavity is discharged, the pump can be started for air extraction. If the rotor is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. Therefore, the fixed vane pump start and normal use must comply with certain regulations, should also stipulate the oil change system on schedule.

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