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      I’ve been married about 8 months now and i thinking that marriage wasn’t for me? Did anyone else have these thoughts and if you got through it?

      so I was always 50/50 with marriage because I thought it was a waste or
      Money/time. But when I met my wife it was such an amazing thing that my mind was 100% changed.

      But now I’m thinking if I made the right choice. We had it cancelled twice due to Covid and had a baby in between. Things just seem different now, a lot more tense and I feel like I’d rather not be at home sometimes. I wouldn’t say things changed a lot when we were married but things seem a lot more pressured now and small things seem to be big things. We hardly argued but now seem to be disagreeing a lot more which causes issues.

      I’m just wondering if anyone else felt like they made a mistake getting married?

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