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      Jamie Gray

      Hi all,

      So I’m needing a bit of advice, or a set of opinions at least.

      As my post suggests I have been looking for a new career and have finally found one, the catch being I’m moving me and my wife and 2 of our children about 7 hrs away from both of our families.

      My wife has a few mental health issue’s being bi-polar and being on medication to help with depression from the loss of our son Vincent 2 years ago.

      I have been given the opportunity to move to live and work on a farm, at first wife was happy and looking forward to this opportunity but has recently started to worry about being away from everyone and having to start over again ( yes she has moved around a bit as a child and moved to my home town 5 years ago). mother in law hasn’t made it easy by getting angry and giving my wife the guilt trip. Wife now feels she’s going to be isolated and cut off from everyone and everything.

      We both feel where we live is stale and not a great place to live anymore. I am trying to re assure her that we are doing it for the right reasons. Better job/ way of living/ nicer area. And so forth.

      Has anyone ever done this or know of anyone who has done this and had these same feelings?

      I have second guessed myself a couple of times but each time I do I way out the pros and cons and always come to the same conclusions. We are doing this for a better way of life.

      Cheers for listening


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