Mum moving daughter far away against my wishes…

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      Hi all.

      Not sure how effective these forums can be or if I should be on a better suited one but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

      Any help is appreciated and I’m more than willing to help other dads with advice having proven myself to be pretty damn good at it for the last ten years. One fantastically polite young lady is my reference.

      Just a very small bit of background. I had to move out of my daughter and her mums home back when she was 5. Her mum and I without any malice or venom had to part ways and we remain on perfectly fine speaking terms to this day. I see my daughter when I want and would happily have her live with me. Practicality and being close means it’s never been a huge deal.

      Two years ago she floated the idea of moving 95 miles away. An idea I shut down pretty quickly as I will be too far from my daughter and I will no doubt end up seeing her less frequently as a result. I know this is something she wanted to do for ages and I understand her reasons. She wants a safer less urban area for our daughter (and her) along with a larger place away from London.

      In the last six months she has been busy working on things in the background and in the last two months it’s been revealed that a place had been applied for (subsequently secured) in a school in this area. The flat they are in is up for sale and a job in the new area has been secured. The only thing left for her to do is just move home.

      I feel this is being done against my wishes, all very quickly and no compromise considered. I don’t know the name of the school and wasn’t considered when she withdrew our daughter from her current school.

      Can I do anything? I believe we are at the point where things can be undone or stopped if the house situation is still up in the air.

      Please help.


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