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    What’s the one thing we all must have for a young one?

    For me it was baby wipes, you can never have enough baby wipes.

    We have a car pack, a bag pack. A bedroom pack, a lounge room pack and pretty much one for everywhere.

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    A good swaddle blanket and wipes.

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    Al Ferguson

    Does patience count? Haha!

    Nah, for us it was definitely an amba necklace to help with teething.

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    Patience! Ha good shout. Still need to get some of that.

    I’ll go along similar route with Time.
    (and wipes…
    gotta have wipes!)

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    No joke!! I forgot about the Amber necklaces!! It was a total life saver for both my son and daughter.

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    Missed the boat on amber necklace.

    Asked a mate about it as thought it odd his daughter was wearing necklace so young and all the time. He explained and I was very jealous. Haha!

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    Amber necklace??? What are they?

    We were lucky enough and not have a horrible teething experience.

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