My partner hit the baby last night :-(

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      Hi, I’m very worried about my partner, we have a three week old baby and he was doing some of the overnight care last night and I was woken at 4am to baby crying quite loud so I went through, my partner was in the process of giving baby the bottle. He then told me that he had got angry with the baby at some point during the night and had hit the baby and that he felt that he shouldn’t be left alone with her any more. He was upset and crying and felt terrible. He also described feelings of numbness towards the baby. He was also extremely exhausted. He is not a violent person and has never hit me so it’s very out of character behaviour and I know he feels terrible. How can I help him please and also keep baby safe? Are there other dads out there who have made mistakes like this but successfully learned and moved on from it?

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      Al Ferguson

      Hi Newdad2020444,

      Thank you for posting this – please note, if you would like to reach out to an admin directly for support, you can do that by emailing:

      We have shared this on FB as well and it has provoked a lot of reaction including some excellent advice. Number 1, reach out to you GP and other services for support. For both of you and your little baby.

      We would highly recommend you seek out professional services without delay as a matter of urgency.

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