Needing advice for getting joint custody

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      I have just been kicked out my house, which was supposed to only be for a wee bit. That has now changed to never come back.

      Initially during the pregnancy she lied and said my son, Parker, did no longer exist. She reached out at the beginning of the year and began to move in to start the family we were supposed to be in the beginning.

      Now I find myself at my parents, due to the virus, have no where else to go. I now fear I’ll never see my son until the courts are involved and would like some advice as to how to go about getting joint custody.

      Thank you for any advice or help giving.

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      Scott Biba

      I am curious as to the details of getting kicked out of “your” house. I am not familiar with the legalities, but advice I have seen is that if you leave you are at a disadvantage. It is often suggested that if she wants out of the relationship, then she should leave and you should stay. Of course that depends on who the house actually belongs to. But you said that “she began to move in” which implies that it was your place to begin with. Given that, you leaving was probably a mistake.
      I am also wondering if postpartum depression is part of the issue. Have you discussed counselling?
      Now, of course, the pandemic makes this even more challenging.
      Under the circumstances you may have to rely on the courts. Document EVERYTHING in detail! What has happened so far and what continues to happen.
      Have you asked her about seeing your son? What it would take to make it happen?
      If she refuses, tell her you will take her to court.
      Best of luck to you.

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      Thank you for the advice, also apologies on the late reply. The place is under her name. However she is refusing to let me see my son, pictures, videos or video calls. Using the virus as a strong excuse to make sure I physically can’t see him.

      So far in a week I’ve had 6 pictures which I have had to beg for each time. I brought up that I have seemed legal counsel and she has decided that I will only see him after court proceedings.

      I did try to see if we could talk things over, she decided I had a week to get my stuff or it’s going in the bin.

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