New born doesn't like being put down


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      Ben brooks

      Even though this is my third child so I considered my self an experienced dad but this is totally new to me any advice
      Ps. It’s only at night he’s 5 weeks

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      Even though our second daugther is not a new born anymore (she’s 7 months old), she all of a sudden started to hate being put down at night.
      Thes first months were actually ok, but then it seemed like she understood what was going on and started to crave for one parent to hold her.
      We solved this temporaliy by buying a huge bed, so that she can sleep next to one of us – mostly myslef as the wife needs to get up early to go to work.
      Why this happened I have no answer to though.

      Has it been like this since day one for you (even though he’s only 5 weeks old)?

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        Ben brooks

        the only way he sleeps is in our bed and yes it been since he was born

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      Usually feeding them properly works well for putting them down, so that they do not cry and sleep peacefully. For fulfilling their nutritional needs, it is essential that their tummies are not empty. Enfamil Infant formula does the job for making sure the baby’s tiny tummy is full.

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