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      Afternoon Gents (and any mums)

      Totally new here and looking for some man love level support.

      After 4 years of battling and fighting to become a father for the 1st time after a round of IVF over Christmas my wife and self are 22 weeks deep into our 1st ever pregnancy.

      Ive been told i’m having a little girl and I couldn’t be happier!

      Im sure im going to have loads of questions in the upcoming months but just wanted to say hello!

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      Andrew Campbell

      Congrats, man. It’s a very special club!

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      Andy McGhee

      Congrats buddy, when are you due? My better half and I are expecting our first next week. How’s everything been for you so far? Is your head completely mashed?

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      Hi everyone Sorry ive been ascent the last few months and haven’t replied to the above messages!

      Ended up having a bit of a crazy one Baby was due in July but decided she couldn’t wait so came 5 weeks early. After some stress and a C Section she arrived just managed to keep her out of NICU despite her being born at 4Lbs 11 Oz. A week in hospital and me running back and forth from the hospital buying clothes and building flatpack at the speed of light!

      She’s now 5.5 months old and thriving.

      Being a Dad is the best thing ever but my god it’s also the toughest but its been an amazing and mostly joyous ride!

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      geometry dash lite

      Well done, friend. When are you due? Next week, my better half and I will be having our first child. How have things gone thus far for you? Is your mind a whole mess?

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