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      What’s does everyone think of the new site?

      Especially the ability to post here and the Community Locator!

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      It’s great. Looking forward to getting used to it and getting the numbers up.

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      Al Ferguson

      I’m biased but… ?

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      Love it

      Little hard to navigate on mobile but I’m sure I’ll get used to it

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      Ebun Faturoti

      Yeah. It’s all new at the moment but as it gets fully up and running and we are here all the time, it’ll be like second nature.

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      David Hendy

      I like it. A couple of teething issues on mobile site:
      1. When you log in, very difficult to open the menu as you have to scroll down to reveal the hamburger button
      2. Styling in the footer is a little off for the ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’, just needs a touch of left margin to align it correctly
      3. Within the forum, the links for ‘Favourite’ and ‘Subscribe’ are dark blue on a lighter blue background, greater contrast is needed here for accessibility.

      All in all a very good site and clearly portrays the values and ethos of The Dadsnet, just my inner web developer being unleashed here!

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      Dan Marchant

      I like it, joined the other day. Be good when member numbers are up and then there will be a lot more content I’m sure!

      does work a lot better on the laptop than mobile, I find it a lot easier to use here.

      Maybe one day there will be an app for it?

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      Thank you for writing Access to play the game for free

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