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      I’ve been a member on here for ages.

      I should have replied to lots of these posts. I’m not an expert or a lawyer but I’v been through a lot of this and the least you can do is make sure people feel like someone is listening.

      Mumsnet isn’t necessarily a good thing. You only need to peep at their threads to see they generally go something like this

      “My husband hasn’t given me a compliment for 2 days”
      “He is scum like all men, get a divorce”

      I’m exaggerating but I’m not necessarily joking.

      I’m sure that this forum can be a bit more constructive.

      Sorry to people who have posted and seen no response.

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      Al Ferguson

      It’s a slow progress getting traction – but yes, this has huge potential. We need more dads to invite their friends to come and get involved.

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