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      Hello Dad’s,

      New here and at a point where I think I could do with some external help.

      I have a 12 year old step daughter, and a 1 year old daughter.

      In the 7 years before my littlun come along I witnessed the relationship between step daughter and her (step)grandad. It was always cringe worthy, nothing suspicious but typical Alpha male stuff, worshipping the only grandchild. Although my step daughter sees her dad every other weekend, the first 5 years before I come along was more when he could be bothered, so Grandad stepped up to be the father figure. Fair enough. And as it was a relationship that was already in place I just took it as the norm, but it got to a point where she would rather be with Grandad then us, as he always made a point on giving her what we couldn’t.

      Anyway now he has moved on to littlun, and I’m now in a position where I am biting my tongue. My girls a real daddy’s girl, and I think this has him a little riled. When she cried at the weekend, and I comforted her, he come and took her out my arms. He’s correcting her when she says “dad,dad,dad” and says “no,it’s grandad” already bought a disgusting amount of gifts and just getting too much.

      Maybe this is modern grandparenting that I never knew growing up.

      Has anyone else had experience with an overbearing Grandad?

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