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      Al Ferguson

      10 Dadsnet members from around the UK have been testing out the Owlet Smart Sock 2.
      It’s brand new to the UK since being a huge hit on the US market.
      More information: https://owletbabycare.co.uk/products/owlet-smart-sock

      This is a sponsored thread but all opinions and reviews are authentic and honest.

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      Deano Austin

      I have been testing this product over the last few days and it’s such a relief to have a product out there that gives you a little reassurance as a parent that if your child isn’t well it can tell you!

      We have used it for a few nights now and there isn’t any faults for me, all good!
      Very easy setup, the app is clear, the battery life on the sock device is great one charge will last 2 days and the sock isn’t uncomfortable for my little girl, which was something I thought she wouldn’t like!

      Overall a smart bit of kit to give you a huge piece of mind especially if you’re little one suffers with illnesses a lot and you need to keep an eye on their observation.
      This is a must for nearly all parents!

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      Gavin Watson

      The owlet smart sock 2 has really opened my eyes as to how my baby sleeps. It’s amazing being able to see your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels changing as she sleeps. This is an ingenious invention although I fear it could turn me into an obsessive phone checker as it’s amazing to be able to see these things in the palm of my hand. I used to love listening in on my baby’s heartbeat during my wife’s pregnancy and now I can see it all the more right in front of me in my hand. I’d totally recommend people give this ingenious invention a try for themselves as it’s really opened my eyes to the possibilities available.
      Regards Daddygav.

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      Ash Humphries

      I have been testing the owlet smart sock 2 for a couple of days now. When the box arrived it was neatly packaged with clear instructions. You receive 3 socks to follow with your babies growth.
      When opening the box you receive a pod, 3x socks, 2 usb charger cables one to a 2 pin plug and another to attach to the sock. Also a manual and reference guide. Charging time seems quick but I left mine overnight prior to first use (also seems to last a couple of days before needing a ‘re charge).
      Set up was quick and very easy! All instructed by the downloadable app that works with the owlet smart sock 2.
      Our first night we got the sock on perfectly by following along to the video supplied on the app. Put the baby down for her sleep and I was amazed! This is hands down better that any monitor we have, it monitors your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate. The sock didn’t seem to disturb my baby either.
      My only downside to this is I could become addicted to looking at the heartbeat on the app. As I found it really interesting!

      Overall I found the owlet smart sock 2, to be a brilliant addition to our nightime routine. It’s a great bit if kit and gives a great peace of mind aswell. I can imagine it would be alot more reassuring if your child has alot of illnesses ect.

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      Adam Gray

      I was looking forward to receiving our Owlet smart sock to try, as with our daughter we didn’t really get on with traditional baby monitors, would this be the answer for us?

      In short, yes it is.

      Set up was a breeze, and once on didn’t seem to cause any discomfort for him. The way that the dock tells you what the problem is I found very useful, particularly if the sock isn’t fitted correctly.

      It’s a great little bit of kit, and thoroughly well thought through, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and family!

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      David Gaine

      I have been testing the Owlet now for a few days on our 7 month old Georgina and in short – its a great bit of kit, and there were no complaints at all for my little one wearing it.

      From the off, you can tell it is going to be a well thought out bit of equipment simply from the packaging…..

      Set-up was incredibly simple with a walk through step by step with the app.

      As someone who is keen to know that my daughter is safe and sound in her bedroom, this is a piece of equipment that offers you peace of mind at a glance.

      I feel there could be a few additions in future hardware developments – possibly the ability to know the temperature / humidity in the room, and with further updates the possibility to use the base station as a linked baby monitor as these are pieces of equipment that are in the room of any baby using the Owlet…..

      I would highly recommend this to friends and family for complete peace of mind for you little one.

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      Gareth Key

      I’m currently testing this product and wished it was available for my daughter. For some unknown reason
      she would hold her breath in her sleep for short periods which would set off the baby monitor and result
      in us running into her room at various times of the night. This product would have given us peace of
      mind that all was ok. The product is easy to use and provides a reassurance to parents that all is ok.

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