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      I know this is a contentious subject, but I am going with it anyway.

      When our first was born, we were unaware he had issues. This has lead to many hospital visits and now he is in his first year at a school that will help him.

      Our second born is extremely demanding, 1 day at nursery, but I would prefer she went at least another day to give time to my partner. My partner wishes she was a work, but when I mention I will go part time, she is not interested, but still moans at the drudgery of looking after her.

      If I could I would sell my business and become the home parent. However that is not the case. I go to work to provide a roof over our head, heating and water in the house, home and car maintenance etc. Is it unrealistic of me to expect some food when I get home as I have been working.

      Because of my work status I drop our first born off at school and I get to work at 9.30am. I take him to hospital appointments, or can do a little shop during work hours.

      My partner expects a roof and warm house, but does not respect I have to work for this, but feels she should not have too cook everyday. I do cook, but if I do, it won’t be until I get home, so dinner would be later.

      So what I am saying is because my partner looks after the house, should I expect food for dinner, clothes washed etc, while I provide holidays, cars, house maintenance, bills paid etc? If I sold my business, we would not have the cars, holidays and life’s little luxuries.

      I am ready to be slated.

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