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      Looking for some advice… My partner is pregnant with our baby and is due on 31st August. She is in the process of bidding for council homes in her town 30 miles away from where I live (with my mum). She doesn’t want to come this way but wants us all to live together when the baby comes, this is all well and good but she isn’t willing to give up her single parent benefits and put me on the tenancy (I work full time and I’m sure my wage and the working tax credits we’d be entitled to would be plenty.) ,I’m not comfatable with this at all for various obvious reasons but I am trying not to stress her out and cause any problems for the pregnancy. Am I being stupid and selfish about this or would be an idiot to move out and give up my home without the security of a tenancy (my mum would give up her tenancy and move in with her own partner if I did) ?

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