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      William Espie

      Hi there i am new here and thought i would ask this question and get some advice.

      so my fiance has done a pregnancy test and it came back with both lines showing but one of the lines is faded, she has went to the doctor who has done another test and they have said the faded line is due to her having low iron, so they have said to her to go away and try eating iron foods so she has eaten liver, red met and various other vegetables.
      she then went back and the doctor decided to prescribe some iron tablets instead in which she has taken the tablets and done what was told.
      Today she tried another home test for it to come back with no lines showing what so ever no test line and no negative line and no positive line. can anyone give me some advice please as she is due at the doctors in the morning to give bloods and after that its a worrying game until the results come back as we both eagerly have been wanting a child forever and it never has happened until weve got the positive result.
      so my question is, is there anything that i need to be worrying about being anxious about, panicking about or any thing that would help take me be positive and think positive that wowuld help???
      i suffer anxiety and panic attacks from a previous marriage that ended after being married for 11 years and i dont want it to show as i find it hard some days to not just sit a burst into tears.

      any help would be grateful if anyone has been in the same situation or not, if anyone has anymore questions then dont hesitate to ask

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