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      Ryan Smith

      If anybody is going through post natal depression and is looking for help, please contact me as I would like to help you get through it and build your confidence and a positive mindset.

      I’ve gone through it myself and I am here to help others and build a community.

      Take care


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      Hi Ryan

      Were you meaning directly suffering with it or suffering because your partner has it?

      I am struggling to deal with my wife exhibiting various symptoms for the second time with our second child and this far into lockdown as well I am really struggling to cope.

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      Ryan Smith


      I was suffering with pnd. Not my wife. So sorry to hear that your wife is struggling at the moment. If you are on Facebook , take a look at my new page called fathers talk pnd. I’ll be posting helpful tips etc for guide and support so that others don’t feel alone.

      Take care fella

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