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      Right then guys the time has come for me and my wife to potty train our 2yr old daughter. So far she is pretty good and recognises when she needs a wee. Not quite got the poo correct yet but I’m sure that won’t take long.

      But so far it has just been around the house we have done it. What are your recommendations and tips for potty training while out and about??

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      We use a potette like this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Potette-Plus-Folding-Travel-Trainer/dp/B001RH2RW4 it is great and easy to carry around if there aren’t toilets nearby. We used this with our first child and currently going through with the second child. We find it is best to ask over and over again if they need to go to the toilet and reward them accordingly when they do it, but not be critical if they do have an accident.

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      We just started training yesterday but we told him the day before and he was unsettled the night before.

      We are following the Gentle Potty training book, which is a follow on from Gentle parenting. It’s tough as it doesn’t advocate rewards or praise for going on the potty but teaches them to go on the potty because they want to not for reward or praise.

      It’s really hard not to offer praise when he’s just been on potty, instead we’ve got to comment on the wee and ask him if he is proud etc.

      My wife’s also been talking about how wee and poo are created and has downloaded this app called poo land which I think is helping him.

      As I saw we are on day 2 and we are at about 50/50 for getting to the potty

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      Dan Marchant

      We are currently trying to potty train our two your old boy. He know when he needs to go as he holds it in when we sit him on potty or toilet and screams to have his nappy on!

      Did manage to get him to do a small wee in the potty yesterday so of course we made a big fuss of him for it! Seems like he may be harder than the previous ones!

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      Mine is 4 1/2 and he doesn’t want stop playing to go the toilet. He is entering kindergarten for the first time. He will pee in the toilet more times than not but poo more time in the nappy than not. I live in Japan. We have a toilet insert for pooing.

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      Paul Steven

      Ideally, toilet training needs to be started between the age of 2 to 3 years. However, there’s officially no age as to when toilet training should start. Sometimes the parents don’t need to train their children at all. They simply copy others like older siblings in the house and follow what they are doing. Here is an article on pediatric training diapers: When to start & how are they useful.

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