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      Just been through family court system, I’ve not been awarded shared care as I wished, now I have me daughter only one day overnight one week and 3 days following week, was hoping for full 50/50 , really struggling at moment due to the change, shared care was not awarded on basis of so called welfare issues,like I have ten year son who spends 4 overnights in a month in the same room as my 7 year daughter, I have extra rooms only reason stayed in room together is they wanted to , and not out of needing to as I have extra rooms, never thought this to be a welfare issue as the millions families in council places with children staying in same room etc,I have seen solicter and they advised to re apply to court in six months and than reality it will further year before I get i conclusion as family courts are so behind with cases, it’s tearing me apart being apart from her this much as never have, I know I’m lucky as lot dads don’t even get that, at no fault of there there own, I was cheated on in relationship leading to separation,I’m living back with parents,lucky enougth they have a 4 bed, my question is anyone been in same boat even tho solicitor said six months I’ve corrected few so called welfare issues, should I apply now due to the court backlog, what do people think, or will I be shooting myself in the foot , just so frustrated.

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