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      So my wee man has reflux and quite bad, every feed it’s coming back on him, he’s on comfort milk from SMA and he has been his been out of hospital. He is on baby ranitadine but doesn’t seam to do much now. His colic seams to be out of him (I think). So what do you dad’s think of adding baby rice to milk or trying him on something else? He’s 14 weeks and a hungry boy

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      We had the same, then found out my daughter had an intolerance to dairy.
      We tried the formula the GP recommended but that didn’t work much better so we put her on Goat’s milk powder which worked a treat.

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        He doesn’t have a rash or bad nappies ect so been told he’s not got an intolerance to the milk he just has really bad reflux which is a pain for him as also us he goes through like 5 changes of clothes. He’s also teething. Really don’t no what to do. Alot of sites say add baby rice to milk to bulk it out and keep it down better some say wein him but don’t know

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        Neither did our daughter, but she was definitely intolerant!

        She’s now 10 years old and has thankfully almost completely grown out of it.

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      I know the GP said he isn’t dairy intolerent but it might be worth while trying a different milk.

      My niece had silent reflux so it was awful having to feed her as she was in pain all the time. There wasn’t much we could do to help. Sitting her up whilst feeding and raising the head of her mattress helped a little but not much.

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      I have heard Enfamil A.R has been proven to reduce reflux and spit up in kids within a week. Moreover, it contains a healthy amount of probiotics for a baby’s immune health. However, seeing a doctor before making a conslution is always a wise choice! :)

Viewing 3 reply threads
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