Regressive toilet behaviour for my 3 year old daughter.

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      Darren Wheldon

      I shouted at my daughter last night (for messing with the water instead of brushing her teeth) and she immediately wet herself. She has never done this before, in fact she went from Nappies to nothing at about 2.5 years old and hasn’t had any regression for 1 year since.
      After this happened, my wife (did the usual) and blamed me, she also said the bed wetting would start now.
      She was right, she then wet the bed some 3/4 hours later, again my wife blamed me and listed all the other things that are my fault too.

      Help please, as I don’t have the capacity to not blame myself and dwell on all the other hurfull things my wife said to me.
      I don’t want this to be my fault, but my wife is very good at using logic to tell me what I’m doing & thinking.

      I should probably mention, I have mental health issues of my own.

      Thank you.


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