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      I always used to just agree with my various doctors when they have suggested doing exercise to help with my mental health but never really bothered. It was not until a few months ago when (at a time I had felt myself slipping again) that I had decided to get fit & start running, I cannot recommend it enough, I have never felt better both mentally & physically.
      Moral of the story… Listen to your doctor, get active, try running, it’s awesome & gives you head space & peace for those precious moments!

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      James Child

      My doctor prescribed me vitamin d as my levels were low. Hell it was mid winter, what did she expect!!!

      Tried running but never found a group at a low enough level to cope with comfortably. Not given up but need to keep looking as I don’t cope on my own very well

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        Hi James,

        I used to take vitamin D which I think did help me.
        As Donal has said coach to 5k is great way of getting into running.
        also if you want support in your journey join the dad Network fitness group & there is an awesome online running group I’m part of called lonely goats, they have a Facebook group also.

        Good luck with your journey

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      I have recently started couch to 5k and its quite good if you have the time which I haven’t lately.

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      Dan Allison

      Running doesn’t agree with me. Wanted too but never felt comfortable.
      But I cycle which has the same effect, clears my head and the achievements really keep me on a positive

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      Any exercise is great for your mental health as well as your physical health. I know when i’m behind on my running, especially if i’m in a tough patch already. Most of the time you go for a run you will come back with such a good feeling.

      I find it gives my mind time to unravel itself while i concentrate on just keeping moving. It’s definitely at the top of my “self care” list of things to do in order to keep my mental health in check.

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      Al Ferguson

      Definitely need to start running again – mental & physical health are both struggling! Ha!

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        You going to have to Al we could carry you around the LLHM but it would be better if you ran ?

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      I did the Zombies Run Couch to 5k a couple of times (failing both times in the last week due to suspected stress fractures). Having something like that definitely helped keep the boredom at bay in the early stages of running where I was more walking than running.

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      Hey guys, I have been running off an on for the best part of a decade now. Since the Boy came along a year and a half ago it has been super hard to maintain anything regular (had some surgery before that as well, complicating it further) but there is no doubt in my mind that I have more energy (well, energy at all is good right now!) and feel better in myself when I manage to get out and run.

      For those that are worried about being slow, or not being able to go far, the couch to 5k has been mentioned in here. As well as that, I cannot reccomend Parkruns enough. They are friendly, welcoming and you can walk the 5k if you want. Plus, for those with older kids, many places do a kids Parkrun on a Sunday, so you could run with your child/children together. They have them all over the place (I am in Surrey and have five withing 30 minutes drive, and I recently did one in the Lake District whilst up there on holiday).

      And it is 100% free:

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        Been meaning to try a Zombie run! They look like a lot of fun!

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      Running has saved my life. Nothing more I can say.

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        You & me both mate!

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