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      Graeme 19

      hello all. advice please. The childs school has broke many MoE rules regards sharing of info. I requested a one to one meeting. Took a long time before this was scheduled. When I attended I asked for permission to record (as I know they have acted improper already). Teacher refused, rushed in a second teacher , of course 2nd one backed the first. I asked for a simple statement to explain “the meeting is suspended” and a reason why. Point blank refused. I have no choice but to escalate to board of governors. Unhelpful and wishing to hide what they have done over last 12 months. any advice and/or temple letters to governors. many thanks

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      Dan Marchant

      Hi Graeme, I’m afraid I cant help with this one. I have shared the link to your post into our closed group and hopefully there will be someone who can help!

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