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      Hi would appreciate any support or advice on the following.

      I have recently visited a number of schools for my daughters secondary education of which in my area goid schools are lacking.

      Myself and my daughters mam discussed and came to a mutual decision on the schools, albeit mam would have preferred the school just next to her house so she wouldnt have to drive her. This was the worst school of all 3, but we agreed to put it 2nd.

      I sat and done the application online with her and it was submitted.

      Recently my daughter had her oarents evening, I knew there was one due so asked her mam if she had had a letter but she kept telling me she didnt know when it was.

      I have since spoke to her teacher and was told it was 2 weeks ago and msm attended.

      This was really odd as had never happened before and since speaking to others rose suspicions about our school admissions.

      I have since spoke to the admissions and found out that the better school which we agreed to be first has been completely removed from the application leaving only 2 schools on the application.

      They have informed me I can change this by emailing them.

      Question is has anyone been through anything similar and what was the outcome?

      Thanks in advance.

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