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      Dan Marchant


      So my eldest is starting secondary school this year, in the list of required items in a chrome book! I am interested to get opinions on how they feel this is a key learning tool for our children?

      I’m sure also there is plenty of family out there who may well struggle to fund this extra cost for them starting school, how do they expect every pupil to have one of these. They do offer monthly payments of £26 a month but again some families run very tight budgets!

      I’m sure we can all agree, we went through education without using any of these items and haven’t suffered later in life. So where is the real benefit and need for these?

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      I’m all for schools advancing and technological. My son’s school is very dominant online and updates everything through those channels. But I think the idea of adding stuff like chrome books a step too far. They are kids, they break and lose stuff all the time. Sounds like a school is trying too hard to be like an efficient business. There’s probably also the aspect of too much screen time. If they are using tech at school, then for homework and then for personal use, you might aswell just strap it to their face.

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      Dan Marchant

      I agree with them moving forward, but as it say it does just seem a bit too much.

      Will have to make sure he looks after it very well!

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      Wow really? How they expect everyone to be able to afford one of these for their children is beyond me. Some parents clearly won’t be able to meaning those children feeling really left out.

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        Dan Marchant

        Exactly, they put it down like it’s part of their uniform!

        Be interesting to see how many children dont have one at the start of term.

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      Putting aside the cost discussion as I agree that it will be a struggle if not impossible for some families.

      However, as for the necessity of technology, IMHO it is only going to get more important, I work in a restaurant and even our waiters and waitresses are required to use various technologies to complete their jobs.

      I’m sure we can all agree, we went through education without using any of these items and haven’t suffered later in life. So where is the real benefit and need for these?

      This is a bit of an empty argument, of course we went through education without these pieces of technology, they hadn’t been invented yet. If they had been invented, we would surely have used them.

      I was a site manager in a school a few years back and we worked out that if we bought every member of staff and student a device as they joined the school rather than having any books/paper/printing/copying etc we would save the school a fortune, not to mention the benefit to the environment.


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Viewing 5 reply threads
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