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      I am happy to have found this site. I am a single dad, and given the situation, I will need to work at odd times. I want to feel more secure on times I need to leave my kids with a sitter. I thought of getting a CCTV and I feel clueless and confused with the many security cameras features shown on different websites.

      Pretty much I just need to have a CCTV that will allow it to connect to my phone, so every time I leave my kids to the babysitter, I would be able to check on them, every now and then. There were so many features shown like zoom, infrared, power usage, the field of view, wherein all I thought was they are all the same.

      I came across this website, which I don’t know if it helped me or made me more confused, but I just really want to pin down the right camera for my family. The site said these are google products so I guess at least I would have some familiarity with it.

      Any input? suggestions? I am not tech-savvy, so I need something that is simple to understand and install, but definitely worth the money I’ll be spending since this is for long term use. If it makes any sense, I am hoping that the camera would be able to record the video for at least a week, (does the camera record it or the app?) since I won’t really be able to put my eyes on my phone all the time.

      Thank you for your time reading this and for your thoughts.



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      aria chris

      Bought or still looking?

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        still looking

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      John Hall

      Check on Amazon, there are a huge variety of spy cameras.

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