Self-care during Pregnancy

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      Gareth James

      We are both looking forward to our first child, and she is about 7 weeks in. I have been focused on making her life easier and comfortable so she can enjoy the pregnancy. I’m 36, and have always been ambitious with work and travel. I’ve agreed to travel with her to see her friends and family in Brazil again, and to New York which she wants to revisit, the later I consider expensive for a short trip and I’m less interested in it i.e. both trips are really for her.

      Recently though, I am struggling with what I need to do for myself before pregnancy. There’s some destinations I want to go to during 2nd trimester which will be more difficult with a child and I wouldn’t want to just dissappear for a couple of weeks once they are born. She would prefer me not to go. I feel weak and depressed at the idea of not doing it, selfish and guilty with the thought of doing it.

      Any words of wisdom here appreciated

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