Separating from a teacher

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      Stuart Hanson

      Hey everyone.

      I’ve got 2 children with my wife of 15 years.
      We are separating and Christmas has majorly sucked. It is amicable ish and we are both currently having to live in the same property as neither one can afford to rent or pay the mortgage solo whislt is sells (please be soon)

      We have said 50/50 with the children but the issue cropped up this weekend about how that will work during school holidays as she is a teacher.

      Ive worked out with my 25 days leave I don’t have enough leave to go 50/50. I worked out that if in every week half term I take 2 days and in the 2 weeks ones (Easter and Xmas) I take 5 days and in the summer I take 10 days then I won’t have enough Leave.

      Anyone had the same or got some solutions?

      I feel like if all of my leave is used on 50/50 then I will never get to have a long weekend somewhere or even take them on holiday outside of term time but she will have a lot of free time especially getting just over 3 weeks off during the summer. Seems un fair.

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