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      SO my son is one now. And he is going to bed at 6.50pm most nights. He has a nap in the morning from 9-11. But the issue is he’s up from 2-30 3 am wtf is wrong with him. He hates sleep and he won’t go back down.

      Any help would be great as it’s wrecking our sleep

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      Dan Marchant

      It may sound horrible, but we had a similar issue with our youngest waking up throughout the night. We stopped going into him, first night was horrible but it didnt take him long to realise we wasnt coming in and now sleeps all night.

      Worth a try, but you need to be strong willed with it and stick to your guns.

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      Dan Marchant

      Reply from Gordan in our closed Facebook group;

      From what little you have said it sounds like you need to change his routine my first advice is start to reduce then stop his morning nap
      I don’t know what your bedtime routine is but ours for all four of ours was teatime bath then bed the timing has changed now that they are older but essentially is the same when you start your bedtime routine try to make it as calm and peaceful as you can try to avoid stimulating activities
      It may take a little while to implement but it should help
      Good luck ❤️

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      We have shortened his morning nap by 30 mins but no he’s having an afternoon nap for 45 mins. He’s waking at three now but going back to sleep. We were recommended to scrap all routine that we did have and try reset him ????

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