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      Matthew Wright

      Hi everyone my name is Matt I’m 30 year old married 1 son who is 5 and 3 step kids aged 11 ,/10 and 16
      My wife is 32 and has a condition called (PCOS) poly-cystic ovary syndrome so it limits her daily functioning of life I’ve been with her 8 years now very happy and love each other however we can’t seem to stop feeling tired, rundown etc also sleep most of our days away due to wives condition and we are beginning to see how much time we are wasting sleeping ?
      We have tried vitamins, yoga , meditation, etc
      But nothing seems to help .
      Also our 2 boys are autistic and ADHD so we have a very busy life as well as the youngest being home schooled

      Does anyone have any advice or any useful tips to stop us from wasting life sleeping!

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      Peter Flynn

      You’ve got a really tough situation here! The only advice I can give is how to help your youngest get to sleep– there are beds which mimic car/airplane vibrations, my son always falls asleep in the car.

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