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      M J

      Hello Dads

      So to start off I think she’s the greatest Mother in the world, can’t say a bad thing about that side of things.

      Where the issue is for me is when what I feel is some kind of controlling behaviour occurs. One example would be my son directs a question to me, “Dad, why does fireman Sam have to put out fires all the time?”, or whatever his question might be. She will answer before I can even process the question, let alone open my mouth.

      If I play toys with him and he gets frustrated with anything or maybe I don’t play the way he wanted as a 3 year old often does, she will immediately cut in and tell me to stop before I even have a chance. My interactions with him never play out naturally, to the point I have no confidence in myself to deal with any of these situations because she will take the reigns.

      I might be wrong about it being controlling behaviour, but whatever it is, one thing I do know is that its getting me down and making me feel like I’m his brother rather than his father/parent.

      Extremely socially isolated dad, having a tough time. Thank god I found somewhere to talk.

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      My advice – regardless of what your wife does, once she is finished you then do / say what you were going to.

      TBF if she is with him all day she may just be running on auto pilot.

      However, if you have discussed this issue and she dismissed it and continues – I would say take firm, calm action and do you.

      I found when this happened on occasions that taking the little one(s) out and having alone time with them stopped all this.

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