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      Dan Allison

      Just thinking we should use our slow cooker more. Especially days we both work and get back with the children around 6pm.
      Often cool a joint of pork or gammon in it but haven’t done much else. Tried green Thai tonight but turned out a bit watery.

      Any one have any good recipes/ideas on what to try next. To make it harder, I don’t eat tomatoes!

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      Curries go well in it from experience but to combat the watery-ness don’t put the coconut cream or milk in too early if you can. Or before serving wack into a pan and give it a quick blast to reduce. Another tip is cut up some potatoes quite small in a rough dice and add to usual recipe these will cook down and mush in to give your sauce a bit of a thickness and texture

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      • 500g chicken thigh fillets
      (Thighs much better than breast for slow cooking – BAGS more flavour)
      • 4 chorizo cook at home sausages (or use the cured stuff if preferred)
      • 1 red onion
      • carrots
      • haricot beans
      • butter beans
      • red pepper
      • chopped tomatoes (might need 2)
      • paprika
      • garlic
      • coriander
      • black pepper
      • lemon to finish

      Blitz tomatoes, and red pepper in blender to purée.
      Add the 4tsp paprika, 4tsp garlic and 1 tsp coriander and give it another quick whirl.

      Cut up the chorizo and take the skin off.
      Cut up the thigh fillets and Chop carrots – add meat and carrots to slow cooker with a touch of seasoning.

      Drain and Rinse the tinned beans under cold water before adding into the mix

      Add the tomato sauce mix and stir to coat everything evenly.

      Lid on and away we go!

      Finish with a squeeze of lemon and some chopped coriander, serve over rice with chunks of bread


      Add tomato sauce mix

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      This isn’t a recipe insofar as it will give you a good meal, BUT I think it’s pretty much the best way to do something to onions! All you have to do is cut up a whole load of onions, put them in the slow cooker with a big hunk of butter, some salt and a little bit of sugar, and then cook them on low for 10 hours or so. Give them a mix around every 3 hours, and then at the end you have the BEST caramelised onions ever for sandwiches, quiches, hotdogs… whatever!

      Also there is a book by Sara Lewis called Ultimate Slow Cooker and it has LOADS of excellent recipes in it – we cook a cobbler and a beetroot and bean dish out of that all the time.

      Final point, a lot of people say the slow cooker is only suited to meat dishes, but that isn’t true! You can make really great bean stews, or sticky boston-style beans, veg cobblers, even cakes and deserts in them! We love the slow cooker…

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