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      Justin Lee

      ok so this is a bit of a long winded one I have just split with my fiance she has severe mental health problems so even though can have our daughter she cant cope with a full week so her mental health team suggested 2 on 2 off rota.
      I am self employed (luckily) so can work with this the problem is
      1) the job centre keep banging on about min income floor and if i dont hit it i need to get a job with them
      2) our 2 bed flat is on a rent guarantee scheme from what i understand i am not entitled to stay here as we have split and its in joint names ?
      3) if i sign the child support to my ex i am not entitled to any help with housing / benefits as ex would be counted as the main guardian.

      just seems so unfair that i would be doing our fair share and helping out so not being able to work full team but the job centre and housing wont allow this ?



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      Sorry, not sure exactly what you’re asking.

      Is it more about the housing situation because you’re self employed?

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      If care is 50/50 there should be no discussion about child maintenance. In relation to benefits it is a very sticky situation and we’ll worth speaking to your local citizens advice. Also maybe worth agreeing that any child benefit payments get directly allocated to your daughter. Everyone’s situation is different and we don’t know a lot about your financial situation or if you are able to get another council property in your own right so worth a chat with your local authority housing team.
      Good luck and keep your head up

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