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      Anyone have good, go-to stress busting tips or tricks ?

      Could be that quick way to deescalate or something long term to keep it all smooth sailing.

      Answers on a postcard

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      Ash Humphries

      I have recently found myself getting stressed and having an impact on my daily life. I had no hobbies I would just work work work along with being dad! So decided to get a hobbie. I use to play rugby as about 15 years ago. So took up the sport again. Played my first competitive match last weekend and feel amazing. My point being find a hobble something you enjoy doing or use to will make a big difference!

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      Sam Walsh

      I love to lose myself in a book to clear my mind about, I walk to and from my work so listen to audio books and it takes my mind off the stresses of the day.

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      For me, meditation, running and my Nintendo Switch have all proved invaluable, at different times.

      Meditation hard at certain points when you have had no proper sleep for a while, as an example, but then it is less time consuming to do that for 5-10 minutes than go for a run. So it remains a balancing act. I used to read a lot but now find I either don’t have the time or fall asleep whilst reading. Hopefully I can get back into that at some point in the future.

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      For stress busting for myself I find I have to be active. I train in Martial Arts so will use my equipment, maybe practice with the Bo staff for a bit. If I can get out the Mountain Biking, hitting a trail hard!! Granted not always easy with 3 kids, but that’s for special days!!

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      100% its about hobbies! Get out more, even if for a walk, get some fresh air, get to the gym, get on the local dadsnet groups and organise a meet up with other dads to share your stories.

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