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      Morning all, new to the forum and sorry for the long first post.
      Cutting a long story short, am in a bit of a situation at the moment, just not feeling myself at the moment. Have been through quite a bit of stress recently, having work done around the home. Have worked from home since march through the whole of both lock downs.
      My other half has recently had Covid quite bad, and is still of work now, parents have been shielding so have been helping them out as much as i can also.
      As i say though just not feeling myself at the min, pretty anxious about stuff, not sleeping 100% well and just all in all feeling pretty lethargic with a lack of energy or motivation.
      I have never really had time off work apart from a few days here and there. Due to my current circumstance was thinking of approaching the docs to ask for some time off / time out between now and Christmas when i then have a few days off, even that though is making me anxious in case they refuse.
      Your thoughts, help and advice would be appreciated

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      Hey Mac.

      Know the feeling at the moment I think everyone is feeling it in some way!

      Just keep thinking all of this sh1t will pass and you will feel less stressed soon.

      Few ideas to help – try to get put the thing making you stressed into perspective and laugh at it if you can.

      Little things that help me – have a nap when you can. Have a beer and watch some stand up comedy. Go for a little run in the sun light. Have a laugh at yourself and try and find the funny side to any situation.

      All these little things will help, trust me I’ve been there!


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      Anna Wats

      Hello, I understand you for 100% percent. I was in the same situation. When I got COVID-19 it was a terrible feeling and after that, I needed to start working remotely, nevertheless, it’s quite hard to cope with the home stuff and work. Luckily it will pass after some time.

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