Struggling with daughter getting boyfriend

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      Gary G

      I’m after advice, my 17 year old daughter looks like she is about to get her first proper boyfriend, he’s 21. We are extremely close as dad and daughter, she’s a proper daddies girl, I’m now really struggling to cope with her probably about to start dating her first proper boyfriend. She went on her first date with him last night and didn’t get home till 00.30 this morning so safe to say the date went well, I heard her come in and went down to see her, really tired as I’m up at 4.45am for work, I didn’t ask her how her date went I just asked her if she’d just got in, she said yes so I went back to bed really wound up, I’d asked her not to be late home.
      I have two issues, one is I think jealously as he’s now gonna be getting loads of her attention and the other is I’m worried I’ll lose her because I’m struggling so much with it all. I know this is the start of hopefully the next chapter in her life but I’m really struggling to cope, anyone been through this situation? And I’m guessing there are loads of dads out there, how did you manage as I really don’t wanna push her away from me?

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