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      New to this forum and this is something I have never done before. If truth be told i am struggling massively and any advice/support would be greatly welcomed.

      Where do I start –

      Me and my fiance have recently separated 3 weeks ago, we’d been together nearly 3 years and have a 9 month old daughter. It wasn’t all plain sailing the 3 years, we both have children from previous relationships and arguments did occur.. My issues/scars from my previous relationship also didn’t help matters. My ex wife who i was with for 15 years hurt me more than i realized, she had an affair for nearly 2 years and has since gone on to re-marry my cousin who was one of the people she had an affair with.

      I’m struggling coping with the separation from my previous partner, she has left me and moved back to her parents (Who may i add dislike me and haven’t spoken to me in almost a year). I love her more than anything and all i want is to be a happy family with her, her kids and our daughter, My 2 boys also come twice a week.

      I think its gone too far to the point of no return.

      She has listed herself as single on Facebook and removed all pictures of me and her.


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      Not really sure what kind of advice you’re after, but it sounds to me you need to remember your own self-worth.

      Nothing you can do will bring her back if she doesn’t want to come back. There’s plenty you can do to stop her coming back though like pestering or suffocating her.

      Give her space, show her you’ll carry on with your life just fine without her, then hopefully she’ll realise what she missing.

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      Graham Campbell

      You need to recover emotionally from your marriage before you embark upon any further relationships.

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      By the sounds of it the love is all one sided so you need to just focus on fixing yourself and spending time with your kids. There’s no point pinning over someone that clearly ain’t interested. Something better will come along eventually.

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      See if you can have a “moan” at any of your friends/ family as they’ll help remind you of who you really are.
      Tough place to be with a child involved too, you’ve made the first step though admitting you’re finding it hard to cope.

      Good luck

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