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      Hong Kong Dad

      Hi there!

      I am expecting a new born and doing research in to what kit I can get and from where. We live in Hong Kong and so have a few additional points here to think on around air quality (humidity, temperature and general purity). My partner and I also travel a lot for work and whilst we will have a full time nanny to help us, we do want to be able to keep a close eye on things whenever necessary, to reduce our own anxiety and fretting as much as anything else!

      I’m also keen on education and given the number of languages one needs to speak in HK (2 minimum and more likely 3 with English, Cantonese and Mandarin all essential in the modern playground!) and the fact we are a monolingual couple (English), will likely have people coming in to speak with our baby on a regular basis – I would be keen to monitor those lessons as much as possible.

      I don’t know if what I’m looking for exists necessarily but what I was hoping to find was an advanced phone app and combined baby monitoring system that would interconnect with an ecosystem of other devices around the home. Effectively what I want to be able to do from the comfort of my phone is:

      – Have a baby monitor that allows us to see and hear our child in the day and at night.
      – To be able to verbally communicate with our child when not in the room.
      – To be able to play music, language recordings etc to them and do this without needing to be in the room to turn the music on/ off (we would like good sound quality on this).
      – To be able to monitor word count during the baby’s day so that we can see how much the baby has been spoken to. To be able to monitor other health aspects from a distance that might help us to know if there were anything genuinely serious happening that we should be concerned about.
      – The ability to measure the room temperature and also to connect to a temperature setting device to adjust when necessary.
      – To be able to turn on/ off temperature control systems, air / humidity filters etc at the touch of a button.

      Perhaps the answer will in fact be to find a lot of separate devices that all tie on to one other centralised ‘Alexa’ style device… but if so then what is the best for that? Any thoughts, advice on what tech people have discovered that is most successful and synchronised would be appreciated!

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