"Terrible" two's!

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      Ash Humphries

      So my daughter is 2 and the last few weeks i have noticed a major change in behaviour and inability to listen. I’m fully aware of the “terrible” two’s however i disagree with it being terrible and refer to it as challenging two’s.

      We use thinking time and have a chair in the corner. However recently this also doesn’t seem to be working.

      I just find I’m running out of ideas and not one to scream and shout at her as this doesn’t get us anywhere.

      Does anyone have any tips to deal with this phase?
      What has worked for you and what hasn’t?

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      Hi Ash,

      I can’t help much I’m afraid, but as a Dad to an 18 month old that has certainly in the last few weeks decided he is two, I am keen to see what responses this thread gets :-)

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      Phil Scollen

      Hi Ash

      Can’t say our methods are in any way perfect, I think it depends on their mood at any given time; but we found using timeouts for bad behaviour, and a sticker chart with specific ‘good behaviour’s’ (for example tidying up toys or behaving on a trip to the shops) helped with keeping discipline. we give a set target of stickers per day/week which if hit my son gets rewarded with a special treat, which was normally a toy car or something like that (nothing expensive, but specifically related to whatever his main interest is at the time) and made the chart a focal point throughout the day.

      It may not always work but if you are looking for ideas it may be worth a try, good luck with whatever method you choose, I’m sure there are many out there that will help!

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