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      Marc Duncan

      Hi all,

      just a conversation I’d like to start surrounding “The money talk”.

      So I’m in a situation where I earn enough to support both of my children and without any struggles, would love to be earning more but I’m sure that’s on everyone’s minds too. Back to the story, I appreciate my children wanting loads of presents this year as Christmas is around the corner so I limited them to 2 each (I try not to spoil them). Anyway, from the conversation I had with my kids about presents it lead to me educating them about money. For me I found it easy to discuss, but talking to my friends and family “The Money Talk” they found it really difficult. Almost all sway away from “The Money Talk” or even hide their finances from them.

      Just wanted to know if any of you guys have experienced “The Money Talk”, how you dealt with it, your approach, or even the motives behind keeping your finances separate/hiding it.

      Just something that was on my mind and wanted to hear some voices behind it. Thanks

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