The N Word ( It's Nits btw)

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      Everyone’s favourite subject. Especially for parents with kids at school right now. Holy hell its been a busy year for the critters. We were stripping eggs on a weekly basis and no matter how many times we treated with conditioner , combed and used tea tree shampoo . There they were again.

      Constantly stripping , hoovering the bedroom , play areas at home it seemed to make no difference because this resilient little mites were back to haunt us throughout the holidays. And now the little one is back , its showing no signs of stopping. Checked last night before bed and nothing there was moving but found a few I hope , old dead eggs further down here hair. Nothing much by the scalp. Trusty old nit comb in hand I stripped what I could find and tied her hair up tight (to the best of my clumsy Dad hair tying abilities).

      Its never ending and I dont remember her sisters having quite so much of an issue at her age (5). The school are hardly notifying parents but then if other parents arent reporting it what can they do? I know for a fact at least the small circle of parents I talk to , they are all having issues. It makes me itchy right now to just think of it. I have Psoriasis by the way , everything makes me feel itchy ..all of the time. :D

      Anyway I guess I don’t really have a question for Dads here other than what are you experiences with these pests?

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      James Child

      Had them hit our house last autumn and found them harder to shift from my daughter than my son. Tried the mousse rather than a shampoo with varying success and found the Vamousse one worked well for us. Plus it had a game you could download to a phone to occupy the kids when applying it or combing!

      Invest in a good comb and do that regularly as that helps clear out the crap. Apparently shampoo containing tea tree is good as nits hate the stuff. Also apply conditioner then comb as it sticks to the nits and lice allowing the comb to get it all out

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