The small things I need.

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      Govind Kullar

      My daughter is nearly 1.5 y.o now and I have ststruggled with the differences in how me and my partner view parenting and running a house.
      I like organisation and a routine. Not even a regimented one but a structure to our daughters day. My partner is a lot more reactive and has gives routine and structure a low level of importance through each day. I am trying to move up in my career and work hard which in return gives me a little more stress on a day to day basis but I leave that in the office and the drive home is my switch off. I watch a lot of male empowerment speeches from influences described as misogynistic. And I don’t always agree with what I watch but every time a particular topic of what does a man really want in his life come up I feel as if someone’s looking inside me and describing what I want. All I want is to come home to my family where the house is somewhere close to tidy and dinner is either prepped for me to crack on with or even being made already. This is all I want its all I need. Why is it so hard to make my partner understand that I do t need to be having a big day out every weekend or meeting up with other parents. I just want quality time with my two girls everyday. We are always putting out fires weather it be unwashed clothes or a pile of washing from throughout the day. It seems like I get home each day and question what’s been going on. I don’t like that but I can’t seem to fix it either.

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