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      I am looking for some feedback and advice, please. My daughter is 8 years old. After 8 years of very clever, calculated and gradual parental alienation, too many unrealistic demands, and constant stress caused by her narcissistic mother, I am considering walking away for good. Or at least until my daughter is old enough to decide for herself if she would like to see me again.

      I would continue to pay child maintenance, but I’d have to accept that I will not see my daughter for, potentially, many years. This is obviously a massive decision to make and one that has come about because of constant daily stress. I am married now and have a very young son. Due to the stress caused by my daughter’s mother, I am afraid my marriage will eventually collapse and the relationship with my son will also suffer.

      I have been to the courts to try to sort this out, but as you’re all well aware, they are not on my side despite the fact I have proven that her mother is mentally unstable. I have always been the best father I can be, but nothing is good enough. I am extremely worried about the quality of my daughter’s future, living with a mother with obvious mental illness issues, but after fighting for her in court and losing, I need to get away and start enjoying my life again after 8 very long years that have seen my health deteriorate irreparably.

      Has anyone else gone through this, or is anyone else considering doing the same thing?


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      This sounds crap. Sorry you haven’t had any replies, and I am afraid I have no wisdom to share.
      But I have prayed for you. And hope you find a way to navigate.

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