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      Mark Taylor

      Hello all,
      I’m new to dadsnet, married and a farther of 2. I wondered if anyone might have had this experience and could offer some advice!

      My wife recently changed jobs and is now working from home. Since leaving her old job she has been messaging an ex-male colleague every day. I want to point out that I have no issue with her being friends with other men, however the messaging is going on from first thing in the morning right through into the evening. Even at weekends when we are together as a family, and recently even while we were away together having us time without the kids. I trust that she would never cheat on me but it does now feel like I am sharing her with another man. I am not a jealous man but she just can’t seem to leave this other guy alone and it is definitely affecting our relationship. He is apparently also married although just how happily I have no idea.

      I have been no angel in our relationship but I have never cheated or wanted to be with anyone else even though she is convinced otherwise! (She has self esteem issues) and when I say I’m concerned about the frequency of her messages I get every past indiscretion thrown back at me.

      Ultimately if it was the other way round she would definitely have something to say about it. And if I bring it up Apparently I’m the one being a d**k!

      Thoughts or advice welcomed!

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