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      Hi dads, new to this.

      Basically I was talking to the missus the other day and she mentioned the fact I go to the pub a couple times a week and her friends other halves dont. She posted the situation on a female forum throwing the line in the water for some opinions from other mums and the way it sounded to me was half and half opinions on the matter, kind of wound me up on some of the replies if I’m honest so I thought I would ask the question.

      I am a self employed builder with two children and I have been with the missus for over 7years. She does suffer from post natal and sometimes she doesnt have the motivation to go out and socialise etc. She goes to her mums every wednesday with the kids so naturally I go to the watering hole and socialise with my mates, and then sometimes on a friday night or saturday night if the bar has anything on (band, karaoke etc). Bare in mind my mate subbies off of me so I am with him every day monday to friday but that’s to work and earn a living not to chill with a cold one and play pool. I always tell her that I have no issue with her going out and seeing her friends as and when she wants as I’m not a hypocrite or controlling and on the odd occasion even arranged for her girl mates to come round and surprise her with a chinese just so she can socialise with her mates. Shes been glamping a couple of times and I’ve had the kids as a father should, I even told her a while back I’d be happy for her to go on a girls holiday (then I have the excuse, just thought I’d throw that in too). I even help with the chores around the house to the best of my ability but please, im not trying to take credit away from her as she does a shit ton whilst looking after our 2year old and running our 6 year old to and from school, I love her dearly and our relationship is great, I would just like your opinions on the matter. If I’m in the wrong then all be it let me know.


      ***PLEASE NOTE we do not argue about the situation she just mentioned the whole chat thing an hour ago

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